Can't give display over other Apps permission Motorola e7i

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I just bought a Motorola e7i with the intention to leave it as remote device to monitor a machine. When I now wanted to install Teamviewer host and I get prompted to give teamviewer the permission to "Display over other apps". However I cannot do it. I can go to the permission page but there I only get told that this feature is turned off because it slows down the phone. I checked if any power saving options are turned on but couldn't see anything I could turn off.

Also the Host app is refusing to jump this step and only give me the possibility to go to the respective settings page (where I cannot do anything) or cancel. If I cancel I get an immediate notification that this still outstanding?

Any suggestion to make this work? Would rooting the phone help? Motorola is on the list of supported devices.

Please move this entry if it already is discussed elsewhere but my searches with google and here did yield nothing. I successfully remote control an Samsung active tab with my account.





  • Bunrthaler
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    I stand to be corrected I think other people have the same issue. I just found a thread that continues since more than a year in which users complain to teamviewer that their motorola phones are not working anymore.

    I guess its connected. The Lenovo Motorola people point to Teamviewer as the ones who should solve the problem. But given the thread above I am not sure how promising this might be.

    Maybe Teamviewer should be at least honest enough to remove Motorola from their list of devices which are supported by Host.

    Or does Anyone have an idea how to get a brand new phone from Motorola to work with Host?

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    Hi Teamviewer Support,

    Can you please comment on this? We've encountered the same problem, Dec 6th.

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    I am having same issue with the Android 12 earlier same device manufaturer from Taiwan for the POS terminalm we had installed Teamviewer version 15.41.101 which worked well with QS and HOST,

    Now the latest version we have got is 15.46 /15.43.201 and the new release Blocked Display Over Apps is disabled thus HOST will not go any further.

    Please fix this as it defeats the purpose of Teamviewer if we cant login via our Console with HOST. It needs to be addressed for the Licensed users at least. Why charge for something that breaks with every new update.

    Kindly respond at the earliest.


    Naveen Kumar

    AST POS Support Team Director