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Hi there,

I'm writing here as devs can't seem to accept my idea and work on it from review of the Android app on Google Play.

I have been asking for several years for this feature:

  • android push notification, when a computer wakes up and comes online within your contacts / network

This shouldn't be much of a problem to code in and it is a very vital feature for me. For example when my computer wakes up automatically, I don't want it to run all day when I'm at work just because Windows Update can't properly shutdown after updating itself.

Hopefully this idea will get some attention here.


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    I completely agree! I have been trying for many weeks to figure out how to set an alert for specific computers when they come online. The feature to alert for every computer coming online (found in Settings) seems almost useless (maybe even an annoyance). I do, however, feel that an SMTP email alert for specific computer status would be extremely beneficial. Example: I have remote workers using computers that need software updates. Rather than stare at the list of online/offline computers all day long waiting for the computer to become available, I could get a quick email alert letting me know that the computer is online. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do not see this capability (at least within the paid business license structure).