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Prevent Windows taskbar from appearing after installation

ndrake Posts: 3 ✭✭

We're in the process of upgrading Windows 10 hosts from TeamViewer 9 to 15. We have a script that can be deployed to uninstall 9 and then install/assign version 15. This is working pretty well and is mostly invisible to users on the hosts. We have run into one snag...some of the Windows 10 machines run a fullscreen app all the time. After the TV 15 installation (or possible the assignment), the Windows taskbar will appear in front of the fullscreen app (I think because the TV15 icon is added to the system tray) and doesn't go away.

Is there a way to avoid the Windows taskbar coming to the front? I tried adding DESKTOPSHORTCUTS=0 to our installation command but that doesn't seem to help.

If there isn't a way to make TeamViewer fully silent on install, any ideas for a way to make the taskbar go away after the installation/assignment have completed?