TV version 10 license is behaving like it's not licensed anymore

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Hello, my TV 10 license is disconnecting each 5 mins, like it's not licensed anymore.

I purchased a license for life, so that can't be the issue.

What else?


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    I have a business license. It lists my name and business in the upper left of the TV screen.

    Why does TV keep disconnecting me?

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    Hi @cDGo,

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    Please read the following article, it might be related to the issue you have faced:

    Hope this will be helpful.

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    As stated in another thread, we also have a perpetual license, which cannot be changes afterwards.

    If Teamviewer wants to change it, it needs to be at least "as good as it was".

    Meaning not a temporaraly licence of a complete other licence agreement, but a new license for life.

    Maybe it's time to start a crowd funding to hire some lawer to set this right?