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TeamViewer is one of the winners of the European Customer Centricity Award 🥳

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why is so difficult to get support from Team Viewer --- been trying to talk to a human for nearly two hours -- tried the website support and after a few questions it logged me out of session -- using support via phone it two times held me on hold for 15 minutes only to disconnect once it stated I was next in line -- even call sales knowing they likely would pick up immediately, which they did and got a young man who attempted to help me but couldn't so he stated he would transfer me to support --- so of course it transferred me wait in line same place as the others did that hangs up as soon as its your turn -- I don't get why customer service is not at the top of their list -- here is the problem I am having if anyone may have a solution -- I have a corporate license have had for years recently my remote sessions are timing out after 3 or 4 minutes for no apparent reason -- is it an issue with Team viewer or did I get a setting changed in my windows that is causing the issue?