The joke that is Servicecamp

jrippe Posts: 4 ✭✭

When you click on help from within Servicecamp, it takes you here, to the community. You would think that when you pulled down the dropdowns under any of the navigation links, you'd find one that was specifically for Servicecamp. There's a link for every other Teamviewer service.

Under Documentation, nothing.

Under Services, nothing.

Under Support...nothing.

There is no documentation I can find. Almost every question in the community by a client is NEVER answered by a Teamviewer moderator or support agent.

HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE? I've been tasked with setting up our ticketing system at my company. I came into the position after your product was already purchased. I am recommending that the company drops Servicecamp. Let's hope your integration with Intune works or Teamviewer is gone too.