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Old account

Comm123 Posts: 2 ✭✭

I am trying to login with my old account, which I haven't used for some time now, however I am always getting the following error, although I've changed the password several times:

"Your TeamViewer account needs to be upgraded and has been locked. Please use the “Forgot password” function in your client or go to to initiate a password reset to unlock your account. After the password reset, please go to and sign in to your account to complete the upgrade process."

Do you know how to resolve this issues, as password change doesn't help, I am afraid.



  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 552 Moderator

    Hello @Comm123,

    Have you tried resetting it? As I am not sure if you did. Please do if not.

    Tell me if it worked out.



    German Community Moderator

  • Comm123
    Comm123 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited August 13

    Hi @Justin ,

    Yep, I tried several times resetting the password, but no luck yet.

    I am still getting the same message that the account needs upgrading. Btw that's not for this account that I had to register to the community, but an old account that I have for a long time, but can't use anymore until it's being upgraded.