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I am trying to login with my old account, which I haven't used for some time now, however I am always getting the following error, although I've changed the password several times:

"Your TeamViewer account needs to be upgraded and has been locked. Please use the “Forgot password” function in your client or go to https://login.teamviewer.com to initiate a password reset to unlock your account. After the password reset, please go to https://login.teamviewer.com and sign in to your account to complete the upgrade process."

Do you know how to resolve this issues, as password change doesn't help, I am afraid.



  • Justin
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    Hello @Comm123,

    Have you tried resetting it? As I am not sure if you did. Please do if not.

    Tell me if it worked out.



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  • Comm123
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    Hi @Justin ,

    Yep, I tried several times resetting the password, but no luck yet.

    I am still getting the same message that the account needs upgrading. Btw that's not for this account that I had to register to the community, but an old account that I have for a long time, but can't use anymore until it's being upgraded.