what's the correct version do install on macos high sierra?


What's the correct version do install from teamviewer's site, to install on high sierra?

I downloaded the latest version (15, cannot install)

Then the version 14, cannot install

Then, the version 13, install but requires update, and the update cannot be installed!

Any clue?



  • Justin
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    Hello @AleMac,

    Do you receive any error messages, while trying to install or update? If so, please provide me with a screenshot.

    macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) supports TeamViewer version 12 - 15.19.

    However, you can check out our list of supported operating systems by yourself:



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  • lnnmlzen
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    you do not give an answer where to download version 15.19.

  • PpRosa
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    does such a link exist? i ran into the same situation, tried to update the teamviewer to receive a message that states the downloaded version does not support high sierra, and now i can not find any download link anywhere for v15.19.x

    thanks for any info!

  • vinhcomputer
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    I also need the link to version 15.19.x for my High Sierra. Could you please tell us users the link?

  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 802 [Former Staff]

    Hi all,

    We're currently implementing that you can download the latest supported version for your system directly and automatically.

    Meaning, the website will recognize what operating system you're trying to download TeamViewer on and will download the version for it accordingly.

    I'll keep you updated.



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  • aapit
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    Hello TeamViewer staff,

    You must be aware of this, but your version management is a total mess.

    I'm trying to connect to a computer that can't upgrade further than MacOS High Sierra. High Sierra supports up to version 15.19, but this version is not available for download. The alternative is downgrading the High Sierra machine to TeamViewer v14. This requires the connecting computer to also downgrade to version 14. Turns out that this doesn't work either because the connecting computer's version 14 that's available is a different minor version number and within a major version number, clients can't even connect to each other.

    I liked TeamViewer, but over the years it has proven to be unique in its specificity to demand the exact same versions of the software on either end. This is annoying by itself, but if there's no way to download this specific version, it forces me to use another remote desktop application.

    I hope you will consider a more user-friendly approach where clients on the same major version can communicate with more robust backward compatibility.