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Can't connect to client: InternalServerError

ams_tschoening Posts: 1
edited September 2021 in General Questions

I've installed the most recent version of TeamViewer on my own host some minutes before, enabled a business license, activated my new account and all that stuff. Everything seemed to work, I was able to create a QS-app, start both apps on different hosts etc. Especially both apps say that I'm connected and ready for connections.

Though, whenever I'm trying to connect to the QS-app using the given session code of that, an error message occurs telling me that connecting wasn't possible. Already tried to disable firewalls etc., but didn't work. Though, that shouldn't be necessary anyway of course, things should just work by default. I'm getting the following error messages in the log:

[Removed per Community Guidelines]

Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks!



  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 690 Moderator

    Hello @ams_tschoening,

    As it seems to be a technical error, I'd kindly ask you to contact our support team, so our technical engineers can take a look at your issue.

    To give them more information beforehand, please run the Support Collector on the affected device.

    Please also let us know what fixed your error, once you get a response.

    Let me know if you need further help.



    German Community Moderator