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Business license assigned to wrong user

I have an account that has a business subscription but it's assigned to the wrong user.

I tried contacting TeamViewer support but they either do not understand the problem or do not want to (probably).

The license is assigned to the wrong user ( see screenshot attached) and when I try to remove it, the system does not allow it (it says you must move it to another valid license). In the user management, it still shows that there are no users and that my account is free and I need to activate a license (see screenshot attached).

Originally, I wanted to upgrade my account from Business to Premium package but the support and sales staff were so un help full that I ended up unable to pay and migrate.

I am surprised that a company such big and famous has such a terrible support staff who are genuinely not interested in helping its customers, and does not want to make any reasonable effort to resolve issues. And all this treatment is to a customer who is trying to pay you more!

Please hire professional staff who are loyal to your company, otherwise, you will lose customers, like you just did with me.




  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 735 Moderator

    Hello @theshaharyar,

    Could you please send me the email address that is currently linked to your account via private message?



    German Community Moderator