start teamviewer in a minimised mode


I have the latest teamviewer which autostarts when my pc starts. However, it starts in a maximised mode and when you go to the options, the close to tray menu is greyed out. Also there is no option that allows teamviewer to autostart as minimised. I tried to scan all the registry settings to to see if i can start the application as minimised by default.

Can someone please help?




  • Justin
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    Hello @Bineetd,

    In order to start TeamViewer minimized, follow these steps here:



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  • linius
    linius Posts: 1

    hi there.

    Still start maximized.

    Have Win11 and TV 15. Pretty annoying that it TV starts plastered all over the screen.

    Any other suggestions?

    thx and have a great day.


  • Andrew_Taylor61
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    Hi I have the same problem as above. Altering 'Properties' to 'Minimised' does not work for me either.

    Has anyone been in the same position and fixed this?


  • LCLL
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    Exact same problem here.

  • orion310591
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    Hello, August 2023, we still have this problem. Teamviewer doesnt start minimized.

  • Hammerhead13
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    8/22/23 Still not working on some devices. This is on Brand New Fresh installs of Windows 10.

  • Frabinstein
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    I was able to fix this by editing the following registry entry:



    It had a value of "1" assigned. I switched it to "0".