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We have an personalized link that installs Teamviewer on our PCs and installs our policies. It used to work fine.

But, sometime in the last few months, it stopped applying our policy. In the web Management Console, under Office Computers, all of the old PCs list policy by name, but for the new or reimaged PCs, the policy section is blank.

How can I get the policies to install and show on the Console?


  • JeanK
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    Hello @DennisG,

    What you could definitely try, is to reassign manually the policies to your computers.

    You can do this via the Management Console

    1) Go to your Management Console and login into your account: https://login.teamviewer.com/

    2) Go to Design & Deploy and click on Policies

    3) On the right side of the Console, click on Assign TeamViewer policies

    4) Now select all the computers that lost their policy and assign them the policy you want.

    Let me know if this could help your computers to get their old policy back! ✌

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