Connection issues on one computer

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I am having issues connecting to my computer at home. I can connect to my. Mothers computer and my grandparents computer without issue. Here is what is happening, and here is what I did to fix it but it started doing it agian.

So, I go to remote connect to my pc and it just loads and loads "please wait while connecting" , but I noticed as soon as I hit the "remote control" button I get a whick loading circle that pops up on my pc cursor, every time I try to connect, and disappears within a second. Like it is loading but stops quickly.

I use windows defender only, I turned off the firewalls and anti virus but nothing seems to change, I deleted team viewer and re-installed, doesn't help.

Only thing that allowed it to work for a few days was doing a full windows 10 re install, But it started doing it agian.

I have no idea what to look for now. I have tried adding TeamViewer to the "exclusion list" but I really don't know if I am doing that correctly. In the firewall settings it isn't blocked.


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    My laptop won't let me connect to it as well. 🤔. Says ready.

    But I can connect to other computers.

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    Hi Dcappz,

    Thank you for contacting TeamViewer Community.

    Would you update TeamViewer to the latest version on both local and remote devices please?

    Also please restart TeamViewer services. On Windows, completely close the remote TeamViewer including restarting the TeamViewer service. (Start --> run --> services.msc -> find TeamViewer and restart it)

    For more details, feel free to check the knowledge article please - Supported operating systems and Which ports are used by TeamViewer?

    Hope this could help.

    Best Regards,


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    HI Dcappz,

    That's good news ! We are glad to hear it fixed the issue 😊

    Please let us know if you have any further queries.

    Have a good day !


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