Help! Popup says that suspicious connections to (or from?) my device were detected.



Yesterday, when I woke up my MacBook from sleep mode, I had an internal square popup in blue in the TeamViewer client that told me that there were suspicious connections from my device (maybe also *to* the device - I don't remember the exact wording and forgot to take a screenshot) and that I should consider changing my password. 

There was also a "Contact Us" button where I clicked on it and it took me to a 404 page at After I clicked on the popup and was redirected to the non-existing site, it closed. I couldn't find the popup via Google to get the exact wording back.

I changed the password from another computer. I also use 2FA, TeamViewer on my Mac has no access to screen sharing, accessibility and no full disk access. I also have now completely disabled incoming connections.

I looked at TeamViewer_Log.txt in ~/Library/Logs/TeamViewer yesterday and today. I could not find any incoming or outgoing connections or connection attempts. The Log File goes back to 10/12/21. I also have not had a remote session for quite some time (several months). 

Also, there were no unknown entries in Trusted Devices or Active Sessions in the Managment Console. There was also no other mail from TeamViewer of failed logins or the like. 

I therefore suspect that TeamViewer has displayed this message, because I am repeatedly connected with Cisco AnyConnect via VPN to the university network from the home network, partly do not terminate the connection, but the laptop only close, thereby timeouts can occur and because I let TeamViewer run in the background, so that I am accessible, that is interpreted as irregularity or suspicious.

Is this possible?

I only use TeamViewer privately to support family and friends when needed. To now get a commercial license for about 360 € so that I can contact support in the hope that the trigger for the popup has been logged and I can be told what specifically was there is pretty hefty.

I hope that either a TeamViewer employee can help me or users of the forum who are maybe familiar with it and can give me some hints what I could look for.