Why am I not getting the authorization email when logging in from a new device?

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I've checked my spam and tried everything but I just can't get the authorization email so I can gain access from my other devices. I have the TeamViewer business license so I know I can have more than one device. This has been going on for a long time so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I tried to set up my customer portal to submit a service ticket and I didn't get the emailed link when I enter my invoice number that time either. I'm so confused. I pay a lot of money each year for this; why is it giving me such a hard time?


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    Hi Roxy528,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and I'm here to assist you 😊

    [ Authorization email ]

    Regarding authorization email, I've added your email address to the allow list and removed from the deny list on our system.

    Please kindly sign in and check the email inbox again.

     [ Customer Portal ]

    In order to access to Customer Portal, it requires to activate Customer Portal via activation link first.

    If you cannot find the Customer Portal activation link from your email inbox, please contact Customer Support team directly via a support ticket or phone call. Please note that phone support requires to check the order number or invoice number, thus, please prepare those information beforehand.

    Hope this would be helpful🍀

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