How to remove "Configure" button "Unattended Access



I made my own custom Teamviewer-host install .msi file and will use it to install on multiple computers.

I tried to install it on a test-computer just to be able to get the *tvopt.file with my settings (for example being able to connect to teamviewer with windows-admin account.


The problem i get is that when i start Teamviewer-Host on the testcomputer it says "Unattended Access" at the top and a big "Configure" button. I dont want the users to see that. I just want it to look like the old teamviewer host with ID and Password.

How do i disable the "Configure" button from showing?


How do i import the *tvopt.file in a .bat script? Before it was a reg file so i just did a reg import.

Thanks in advance.

//Joakim L


  • mkaif22
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    I have the same issue. Looks like after TeamViewer auto updates the Configure button is appearing (which is not the Host I designed). Would be great if we can disable it. It destroys the whole point of disabling easy access and then throwing that option to users who have admin rights.

  • Joakim_L
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  • TV_Benjamin
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    Hello @Joachim_Emde ,

    thank you for your post.

    Regarding your Questions:

    Question:1 -- The button is there for better visibility of the unattended access feature (which is one of the key components of the Host module). At the moment is no way to hide it or go back to the old interface. However there are two possible options to prevent people from messing around with it.

    1. Set up a password to prevent users from accessing the TeamViewer settings. This way they'll get a popup that says the user has to go to the settings directly to change this option.
    2. Check "Changes require administrative rights on this computer" so regular users won't be able to tamper with the TeamViewer settings

    Question:2 -- instead of using the old IMPORTREGFILE=1 you can now use SETTINGSFILE="C:/xxxx" and define the path to the *.tvopt.

    Please refer to for further information.

    Have a great day :)



  • Joakim_L
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    Hi Benjamin!

    Thank you for your reply. Problem is that the users is also admin on the computers. But i will just download and install an older version of teamviewer-host and then hope there is an update in the future that makes it possible to hide the configure button, seems to be more people than me finding this to be a problem.

    Regarding the second question, thank you i will try that!

  • TymonJDouglas

    Terrible move by Teamviewer, since it forces you to set up unattended access if you want to get rid of that message, and you have a maximum of 500 managed devices only. I'll stay on the old version.

  • psixilambda
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    OK found this after an update.

    The really needs to be admin configurable. The previously nice and small interface for our end-users are looking horrible now. And the button with corresoponding text takes away 50% of the window. With default recommended security settings of Teamviewer its useless to have it there.

    Either you preconfigure unattended access and the device is managed or you don't. I understand the decision to have people use QS instead but we rolled out the Host to be able to selectively add certain devices to unattended access without installing a different package on the machines.

    Please provide a config key for this to disable.

  • Serviceteam_RSL

    Totally agree on this one: The configure button must be admin configurable. The previously nice and small interface is bloated now.

  • Bandit_Tomori
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    Hi Folks,

    100% agree!

    I understand the willing for the TV company to highlight his feature, but as admin we can already block the unattended access in the configuration, so why shouldn't we remove this button. The interface is now more confused and generate a lot of question from the users.

    @TeamViewerDeveloppers please provide us a solution and continue to make our life easiest with your good product!

  • Killik88
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    Any news on this topic? I use old version on 2k computers because more than 80% space is not "ID and passwoard".

  • Marius_G
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    I've joined community just to post that currently "Unattended Access" field looks very bad. If you give people access to customize and brand your support TW app, but leaving some features without any configuration to hide/edit etc. looks kind a silly.

    I think if you care about your customer opinion make a pool and everything will become clear. Simple as that.