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How to start Teamviewer minimised to System Tray, when "Close To Tray Menu" option is not working

Currently there is a bug in Team-viewer that it opens in full window on windows start up, and no available options on the internet can get it to close. It is reported by many users.

Aim: Normal service startup, on login, team-viewer is minimized to tray.

Many users are having this problem; here are some examples. OneTwoThreeFourFive



  • ukhano91
    ukhano91 Posts: 2 ✭✭
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    @aqibkaved832 Teamviewer has a service and a program. This will close the program on system login of any user within a few seconds of login, the service will still be running and in the system tray, not instantaneous but faster then user system startup folder.