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Teamviewer is trying to install a helper tool -- problems

I'm a windows user and occasionally have to connect to a mac (with BigSur OS) to do parts of my research work. It's been a while but I am now having the same problem again -- I have 15.21.8 on windows and the mac has 15.21.4 (initially these were the most recent updates for each OS). What always happens is that TV works for a while, until eventually the mac gives a popup saying "Teamviewer is trying to install a helper tool" and asks for username/password. When it does this, it creates a new TV icon in the dock, and then TV won't open -- if I try to open it, the process opens briefly and then automatically shuts down. If I uninstall/reinstall then everything works for a while, but the same problem eventually happens again. On the windows end, this results in the program hanging on "initializing display parameters" when I try to connect.

I don't know how to stop this from happening; I stopped updates but this doesn't solve anything, and it's not practical to keep reinstalling the software over and over again. I've seen other threads mentioning one of the aspects of this problem, but no solutions proposed have worked for me. I was hoping I could resolve the issue in this thread.