Which license should I have to provide free support to random users?


I find it fun to help people for free as an hobby. People asking questions on forums and in discord servers, and then I connect and help them with TeamViewer. They are not formally "friends", but could be seen as some sort of "semi-friends" as they are in the same community as me.

Absolutely no money is involved at all, atleast on my side. There might be people that are representatives of companies asking for free help in forums and in communities, and thus it would be commercial usage (from their point of view) but thats something I cannot check or know.

However, my teamviewer regarly gets deactivated all the time and support have to reset all the time. They are wondering why I connect to so many different computers.

I told them I help random people for free. They then said that noncommercial license ONLY includes "family and friends", not people outside that bubble, even if no money is involved.

The "noncommercial" free edition page specifically says its restricted to "family and friends", but the actual license text in EULA doesn't mention this is restricted to "family and friends".

So what for license should I use, if I want to help unlimited people for free (noncommercial usage OUTSIDE "family and friends")?

Suggestion: Create a paid license, with a one-time fee, that disables all technical restrictions on the amount of computers you are allowed to connect, and to which, HOWEVER, it may only be used in a "home environment" for "providing noncommercial remote support to an unlimited amount of people, including people not counted as family and friends".

To prevent abuse of this license, I would suggest that this license should only be allowed on a stationary computer (not laptop) that is installed in a home, and you have to send in photos of the computer and home - so its clear the computer is installed in a home location and not corporate location. (They could have some license activation dialog, that shows a QR code or DataMatrix code that comes on the proof pictures).

Only 1 license and PC per person, and you have to also send in a copy of ID card to prevent one single person purchasing multiple licenses. (However license should be able to be moved for a movement/reformat fee)

In this way, it can be proved that the license is not being installed in a company to cheat on the license.