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Why am I forced to update to version 12



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    I agree with nearly all of this well thought out post from wmelton, except for the last paragraph with the BBB/Attorney General bit.  However, I can certainly understand the frustration that drives such a response.

    It would be great if TeamViewer would simply listen to some of the biggest backers in its customerbase - the IT people who recommend and purchase the software.  We're practically screaming for TeamViewer to acknowledge some serious issues, and respond appropriately with fixes.  I've been trying to share some of those concerns here in other threads, but those issues haven't been addressed, either.  I'm sorry to say I'm not impressed with this forum as an effective feedback system, one that results in problem resolution.  What's the point if we don't get any meaningful response or committment from TeamViewer on the matters we take our time to report for discussion?

    The alternative is the same as always - no one here wants to do it, but it could result in finding another way, which could mean another product.  This isn't just a bunch of people annoyed about nuisance price hikes.  We're telling you we can't afford it anymore, whether it be small one-man shops or small businesses.  You're being warned that you're going to start losing people, if you haven't already.

    I get it.  It's about money.  On on both sides, though - TeamViewer's and its customers'.  I can understand how this subscription and price model ensures continued revenue for TeamViewer, and I acknowledge that this is extremely important, but it's killing it for a lot of us.  I, like the others frustrated here, have become dependent on TeamViewer.  Trusting in it for the long term, I've been deploying it throughout our organization over the years since v7.  However, if I'm forced to make a change, I will find another way.  I love TeamViewer, and I really don't want to have to do this, for a multitude of reasons.

    We recommend this software to others, and not just internally.  I'm always telling other IT people and business owners about it, singing its praises. It's one of the top four productivity tools I require to do my job efficiently, along with Evernote, Outlook and Gsuite.  How can we continue to recommend it when it's not affordable?  My bosses will balk at renewal at these fees.  At best, I'll lose two seats.  I'm always using at least one, sometimes two, if I'm using a desktop and Macbook at the same time.  Our users won't be able to host meetings with clients.  That means we lose half the main functional benefit to the organization. You have to see how that makes it harder to sell.

    That's my day job.  Then there are consulting jobs in less controlled environments where I'm more greatly affected.

    Just letting you know.  I know TeamViewer's got challenges.  So do we, and you're pricing us out of your customerbase.

    Is there a way increase subscription volume through reduced, fairer cost, and still have the necessary revenue to keep TeamViewer going?

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    I'm just reviewing some of the posts in this thread - I understand why it doesn't work, but do agree with Tamir's response here.  It would be extremely handy to have cross-version compatibility in the connection of OlderClient > NewerHost direction.  Might not be able to support all the new features, understandably, but if it's possible to have the basic remote control, that would resolve much of the frustration in working with a previous version as a client/control app to administer and support computers with newer versions installed.

    The bulk of my TeamViewer use is for remote control.  I've been starting to use the file transfer/box/chat options a bit more, but I can figure ways around this in emergencies.  Resolving the version difference issue prior to being able to offer support is a show stopper in cases where a client has installed a newer version.

    @Tamir wrote:

    This does not fix my problem. It seems Teamviewer support refers all problems with the upgrade harrassment to this guy's quicksupport solution. I have Teamviewer Host 13 (a native Linux app, or so I'm told) running on Ubuntu 17.10. I am trying to remotely control it using Teamviewer 12 (not a native Linux build but rather a WINE wrap) on another Ubuntu 17.10 and I am getting this message:

    Pressing "OK" does nothing.Pressing "OK" does nothing.

    I can't understand why Teamviewer 12 cannot connect to Teamviewer Host 13. It would seem obvious that one version difference in levels of technology would be compatible.

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    Hi All,

    First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to voice their concerns and to those who have helped in providing a solution to the use case topic of this thread.

    There are mentions of TeamViewer not being involved in the thread and concerns going unheard but I can assure you that our Community team is fully involved into this Community.

    In this case, the main topic was version incompatibility when end users have either installed or updated to a newer version than that of their supporter. There were numerous solutions offered in the thread on how to use custom modules to overcome any version incompatibility.

    Keep in mind that TeamViewer is backwards compatible so you can always connect to any previous version (until TeamViewer 3) from the current version you are using.

    In addition, if you are a licensed user and need assistance with topics such as this or any other technical questions, you can always reach out to your TeamViewer support team to get individual help.

    Regarding support of older versions of TeamViewer, we are currently still supporting up to Version 4 of TeamViewer. I cannot tell you a timeline as to when we will discontinue support of older versions but as users have mentioned they have remained on older versions and have been successful.

    Lastly about pricing, the Community is not a platform for discussing pricing so we will not discuss any topics regarding pricing or changes to our pricing model. If you are a licensed user, we kindly ask you to contact your TeamViewer sales team with any questions or concerns.

    I can tell you that every post was read and every concern taken into consideration. We have submitted feature requests for all accounts for the following:

    1. Upward compatibility without the newer version features.
    2. Ability to uninstall remotely

    Again, we thank every user for their contributions to the Community and value feedback from every user so that we can continue to make TeamViewer the best solution for remote support.

    All the best,

    Community Manager

    Support us on Trustpilot.
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    If we file a legal case in Australia, Teamviewer would lose the case as it does not provide grace periods to the end users.

    AAAC watchdog, it is a big money hole here...

  • "Upward compatibility without the newer version features"

    Without this I'm currently **bleep**. Licenced for v12 and staring at a client's "You're running an older version" screen. Will have to take a look at what QuickSupport entails :( 

  • Yes, I am fairly certain the sales model TeamViewer use is illegal in Australia.

    They are selling a product, but, if remote end updates, you can no longer use the product you bought, making it no longer "fit for purpose".


  • I have a perputal license for teamviewer 6 . This means I should be able to use this license forever If I choose.. To have the new owners of teamviewer stop this process is obvously illegal and I will be pursuing this in the courts.  I DO NOT need all the add on's to simply connect to my clients and fix their computers.

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    @SimonShaw and @asgnmail 

    I know what you mean...  You know what?
    I have the same problem with other bigger software developer ....

    Reading your posts, I think I have to sue Microsoft, because as in 2004 I bought a notebook with WindowsXP it was supposed to run all the time ...... and it still works, i.e. it can be run, but most websites do not work, especially banking.
    I wonder why ......

    And yet my MS Office 2003 does not read files that I receive from my clients ... it is also not honest.

    I do not understand why I can not use all these new websites and all the new documents that I read from my clients.

    Because they (banks and my clients) have new versions and they support old standards ... I think so.

    Well, because I'm not stupid, and I think that they (banks and my clients) are not stupid, after all they know that I have old equipment and old software, so my bank and my clients will surely adapt to me. ... or .......... it's definitely Microsoft's fault ...... after all, my bank still uses the old formats, just like my clients ... because why should they use new ones?

    Yes definitely Microsoft's fault, because ......

    It's not my fault that I use old standards, and I do not adapt to the security requirements of my bank and my clients.

    Definitely they should adapt to me after all.


    mLipok , AutoIt MVP