Remote control for internal and view only for external users

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Is it possible to make any setup, where you can remote control managed devices internally, but only remove view for any external person?

Or maybe have a device added twice, where you can apply 1 policy for 1 group, and another for the other group.

E.g. Policy 1 restrics the remote access to view only on group 1 with device DEV1.

Policy 2 with full access permissions is then applied to group 2, with device DEV1 in it.

So that it is depending on what group you chose to connect from, it will then apply the corresponding policy.

Something like that, or just an option to give seperate accesspolicy permissions for incomming connections.



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    Hello @Scayn,

    Thank you for posting here!

    I have a good and a bad news for you. 😊

    Exceptionnally, I will start with the good one: Yes, we do have the capability to have a granular permission setup for incoming and outgoing connections. This feature is called Conditional Access

    The bad news is: Conditional Access is only available for TeamViewer Tensor license holders and is an add-on that needs to be purchased individually.

    Feel free to check the feature out and see if this would be an option for you.

    Let me know if you have any other question! 🌻

    All the best,


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