What plugin to install to control Android TV box remotely?

Juriyx Posts: 1

I have an Android TV box with Android 7.1.2 (AOSP). I got this message when opened the app and it asked me to install the add-on. But there is no info on what add-on I should install.

The main info on the screenshot - "OS Firmware: AOSP 1"

Tell me please what add-on is needed in my case



  • tsay40
    tsay40 Posts: 1

    Hope this helps you. I am currently messing around with a car tv that has android 10 installed on it. I was running into the same issues as you, but eventually got it to work! Here is what I did (I can only verify this worked for a USA installer):

    • Uninstall everything related to TeamViewer/TeamViewer QuickSupport on the android device
    • Try to go into the file explorer of the android device and delete the .apk files that are there for installing TeamViewer/TeamViewer QuickSupport (basically start from scratch)
    • Don't go to the Google Play Store or to an APK installer like APKPure, APKMirror, etc. to install the App. Go to the TeamViewer website on the android device, and download the TeamViewer QuickSupport .apk directly from their website (make sure to down the QuickSupport .apk which was a little further down). For me the link was https://www.teamviewer.com/en-us/download/android/
    • Install the downloaded .apk to the android device. Once installed (can't remember if there is a pop-up) go to the top right menu and enter the "Advanced" settings
    • Scroll down to the "Install additional Add-On" and go into that. You can now download and install the add-on directly from the QuickSupport app, which should allow you now to use a secondary device to control the android device (secondary device using the TeamViewer app).

    Not sure why the app resorts to contacting TeamViewer support to install the add-on, when you install using an APK installer or the Google Play Store. But it directly downloads the add-on when you download and install the .apk directly from their website.

  • AliDubais
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    That's a great tip: I have reinstalled TeamViewer by downloading the apks from the website and now I am able to connect to my Android TV box remotely.

    The only issue is that it is very slow to connect and with a huge lag. Not sure why, as I didn't face this issue on my Windows machines.

  • Cesar253
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    Hello i did the same thank you but the problem now that when i touch click its taking ut like long click instead of normal click do you know how to fix it?