cursor position is incorrect when using latest new version



  • dterrot
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    Where do you go to get v15.24.x ? I can only find v14 in previous version downloads

  • WOPR
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    Same exact problem here.

    What is the ETR from TeamViewer? A fix is badly needed as the app is unusable in it's current state.

  • ropinheiro
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    Same problem here. I have a Mac laptop with 2 external monitors, and I can't even click to disable the two external monitors, or to rearrange it so that the monitor with the task bar is at the top left position, because "real" mouse only reaches some place in the middle of the screen, not enough to click the needed buttons. The laptop is physically away from me and nobody will be on the place for days. Please, can anyone give me some key combination I can do to put the laptop in such a way that the mouse point is correct? Even disabling the external monitors is a solution.

  • Schaffer
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    MacOS is bad software

  • ropinheiro
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    To whoever it may concern, I found a solution that can help those that are not allowed to physically access a multiple monitor macOS system. In TeamViewer top bar, go to View and click in the icon that will show all monitors in a grid-like single view. They will appear "wrongly": each monitor's relative position will NOT match what is configured in macOS, BUT if you set the local mouse pointer to be visible, you will notice that its position can now reach at least one complete screen (maybe this part is a bit of luck) allowing us to click in buttons of the Displays dialog so that I could just setup 2 of the monitors to just duplicate the third one, instead of extend. So, now, it's like I have a single monitor, and local and remote mouse pointer positions now are matching.

  • DavidLaidlaw
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    Add me to the list of users with this issue. I cannot use the pointer remotely with 15.25.5 on a mac with an external monitor. If I use Apple's "Screen" to see what is happening, I can watch the mouse move in a different place to what teamviewer is showing. If I use that view, I can reach and control some parts of what is on the remote display. That's just info for debugging, not a workaround since I can only get to a fraction of the display that way. But it means that the issue is with the coordinate interpretation between the remote and local display windows. Tracking and button pressing work, they just aren't happening in the correct places.

    The workaround for me now is to us "Screen". It requires a remote person to "accept" the connection, but that's better than driving 6 hours... One more edit -- if I "view" both displays in teamviewer, I can see and mouse enough to "accept" a screen-share without having an attendant.

  • Scknurr
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    Yup exact same issue from Android app to Mac with multiple monitors

  • ilaw
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    Has this been resolved yet? I'm logging in remotely to a Mac from my home PC. Previously it worked perfectly fine, but now it is 100% unusable because the actual cursor position is half the height of the screen lower than where the mouse appears to be. It is literally impossible to control anything remotely like this.

    How was this not resolved within 24 hours of receiving the first forum post?!?!

    Please update @JeanK!!

  • JeanK
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    Hello all,

    We just released version 15.26.4.

    Could you please update your clients and test if this release fixed the issue?

    Many thanks in advance to all of your for your support. 🙏

    Community Manager

  • LarryD
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    I can verify that v15.26.4 is working correctly now on a multi-screen Mac when viewed from an iPhone, for example. Thanks for the fix!

  • dterrot
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    I can also verify working correctly now. Also responsiveness to clicking when in mouse rather than touch mode seems much improved compared to previous versions. Tested on iPad Pro.

  • Luke_H
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    15.26.4 did NOT fix this for me. I updated both client and server, still getting "stuck" left-click mouse where a click turns into a drag. This is a huge annoyance as I have to follow every click with a ESC keypress. Please fix this !!

  • Archigos
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    15.26.4 fixed the issue for me.