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Is there a way to assign a QS policy or set the QS module to allow Windows logon by default without asking the partners in our organization to set it manually in order to be able to elevate permissions?

We have cases where we cannot run administrative tasks because the Windows logon is not allowing us to input the credentials in the designated fields. We get to this point and the fields are not writable.

Can you please advise what is the causing that and if there is a fix or workaround for it?

Note: The end users have no permissions to run the QS with administrator.



  • JeanK
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    Hi @AtanasTodorov,

    It's a pleasure to hear again from you! 🤩

    Applying a TeamViewer policy on a QuickSupport is technically not possible, as QuickSupport is just an executable and as therefore, there is no service running in the background.

    I asked my friend and colleague @TV_Benjamin for an advice and he suggested the following workaround.

    ➜ Add manually the QuickSupport's ID in your Computer and Contacts list and set up the Windows authentication in the Action Settings

    When connecting to the device, it will always choose the Windows authentication as default connection method.

    Let me know if this workaround could work out to you...

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  • AtanasTodorov
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    Thanks for the reply @JeanK!

    Unfortunately that does not explain why in certain cases we cannot enter the credential details in the Windows authentication screen.

    It is just not possible to enter any value there.

  • JeanK
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    Ouuuch... of course. My bad...I am sorry, I think I just missed this part...😅

    You need to check on these devices if the Windows logon is allowed.

    You can check this in the Security tab in the TeamViewer Options:

    Have a great rest of the day! 😊

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