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How to bypass firewall and remotely control this PC?

I need to control one of my work PCs from home. Sounds simple? The first thing that came to my mind was to give the TeamViewer a try. And I've successfully opened the remote desktop session to the first PC from my laptop, while both hosts were in the same ethernet. Unfortunately, I cannot establish a similar remote session from my home despite the fact that The TeamViewer on the First PC is online:

      The PC is online in the TeamViewer contacts window

When I double click on the online PC nothing happens, no errors, nothing! Of course, after several attempts, I have reached the TV's attempt limit. Does TeamViewer want to establish a parallel incoming connection from their server to The First PC, and the incoming port 80+443 are blocked by organization firewall? (Maybe I can debug and prove it to some extent?)

What can I try to access that desktop remotely?

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