Shared contacts ask for password with easy access setup


My boss and I have had this happen twice now. He has our clients shared with me on our corporate account. They have the little cloud symbol next to the folders. When I try to remote into them, it started asking me for a password. It was working fine for months. All of the "my computers" I can connect to with no password prompt. The last time this happened he just removed them and re-shared them and it fixed it but it seems it was only temporary. Anyone know of a permanent fix for this?


  • JoshP
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    Hello @JonesMD

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the TeamViewer community!

    Do you know if there was any kind of recent changes to the affected group(s)?

    This is sometimes seen when sharing a group with Easy Access set up; the workaround you mentioned is the fix for it, although I have not heard about the issue repeating.

    Thanks in advance for any additional info!

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