TeamViewer Remote Control - File Transfer: Unknown Directory called "My Files"

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I am using Team Viewer Remote Control and NOT TeamViewer QuickSupport. At the time of this issue, QuickSupport was NOT installed.

Using TeamViewer Remote Control, I've used the "File Transfer" option within the OS app, selected my files from the source (Windows 10 client), selected my destination (Default "My Files" directory within the TeamViewer App), and clicked "Drop here". After the file transfer is complete, I am unable to find the transferred files or "My Files" location within the iPhone.

After, I've installed QuickSupport and I now see the folder option called "QuickSupport" within the OS "Files" app. However, none of the previous files appear there. I've also repeated the process via Remote Control File Transfer and the files are still no where to be found. They are now just taking up space within my phones storage, unable to be moved or deleted.

TeamViewer support, please open a ticket on this issue to be assigned and addressed in up coming releases. No resolution to this issue is found, although I've seen posts asking the same question.