Teamviewer Scam?

Early last year I signed up with a person or business claiming to be Teamviewer (should have known better than to continue with call, too late) to receive monitoring/remote computer services, I gave a credit card number, six months later I received an email saying I was being re-signed for another year (with 6 months still to go on original sign-up), I called immediately and cancelled. Charges went on card for items and business I didn't know existed, closed credit card, went through bank, "Not Fraud" never received notice of what transpired with bank and company, thought all was settled just received collection notice for supposedly Teamviewer.

I'm trying to get an account with Teamviewer since I called numbers given but they aren't at the company, these appear to be 800 numbers in other countries (I'm in the U.S.A.)

So far anything I click on from web-site is just an example of what to fill in, cursor won't work to fill in blanks in box.

Any assistance will be appreciated. I Registered as jmflorida905, can't get further to create an account. I need to speak with a person, don't know what department would handle this.