Do I need 2 accounts?


Hi - first time user here, and after watching my friend use TV, though it would be perfect to help out my Dad with his computer, remotely (vs long phone calls!)

1) I know we both have to download the software on our respective computers, but do we both have to register for an account, or will a single license work?

2) I have heard that logging into a computer will disrupt the users current windows configuration on their screen? Is there a setting to avoid this?

3) I also read there is a way to keep the passwords and logins static, which is highly desireable because unable to login because a pw changed would be a deal breaker!



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    I'm not sure about 2 and 3 but 1 I think you'll need two separate accounts, again I'm not positive

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    Hi @darreno123

    And thanks @LAZEROWN for replying to the first question! Much appreciated 🙌

    1) As LAZEROWN said correctly: Generally, it is recommended that everyone holds their own account. However, if your dad does not use TeamViewer actively (that means: Making connections himself) he does not really need an account.

    Regarding a license: Using TeamViewer to help your family members with non-work-related matters does not require a license. Please see this article for more information: For personal usage

    2) I am not 100% sure what you mean, but basically, the only thing that usually happens is that a background image will be replaced with an all-black background for a better performance (imaging having a beautiful picture as background and the traffic it costs to send all this data to the other device). See this article for more info and how to enable/disable the setting: Use Remote Session Toolbar on Windows

    Additionally, the TeamViewer Panel will appear on the right side of the remote screen that indicates that there is an ongoing session.

    3) Jepp - highly recommended setting to be able to perform unattended access. However, instead of using a password, please consider activating Easy Access on the device. Read more here: Best practices for secure unattended access

    Hope the info helps!


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