TeamViewer update 15.27 causes issue with remote access control on Googles ChromeCast With GoogleTV


Hello I have been using the personal version of TeamViewer over the past 5 months. I have been using it to remote control my parents Google Chromecast With Google TV (CCWGTV)

I have been able to configure TeamViewer on my MacBook Air M1 and iPhone to connect to Teamviewer on a remote CCWGTV Google Chromecast With Google TV. I believe the latest version that was working was 15.25...

Recently ( early March ) I noticed that the remote control capabilities stopped working from the MacBook Air but still worked from the iPhone.

I then loaded an older version of TeamViewer for the Mac Version: 15.22.3 (Sept 15, 2021) and was able to gain the remote control features that I had observed with the version prior to the 15.27 update.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this challenge

With 15.27x the mouse functions on the MacBook were not functioning properly to control the remote device..

I was able to scroll the CCWGTV screen with the mouse.

I was not able to click, double click or click and hold and get response from the remote.

Some times the mouse click did respond but it was not with the expected result.

I have now disabled the auto update of Teamviewer on my MacBook air 

Anyone else have issues with Teamviewer 15.27 on MacBook Air?

I am new to Teamviewer.. How do I report this as a defect/bug/issue?