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This appears to be a problem, judging by the amount of times this question has been asked here. My renewal is coming up, and I absolutely do not want to renew. Besides the fact that your licenses is predatory, your whole subscription management is based on black patterns, and likely to in contravention to EU law (unsubscribe in the same way you subscribe).

Yes, I know you want me to open a ticket, but I receive an error “invalid credentials” - credentials that work across your site, except for when you need support.

Just unsubscribe me. Teamviewer makes me sick - this terrible behaviour has ensured you have turned a long-time user into an active cheerleader for clients not using teamviewer.


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  • Mdekkers
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    Hi Josh, yes, i try to access the portal with a licensed account. Logging in to freshdesk simply fails.

    I am making a documented, genuine effort to cancel my subscription (I have been in the chat support queue for some time now, with “3 people before me”) which TeamViewer GmbH has refused to action. So here is what we will do:

    • You can contact me on my subscription email address to let me know that the subscription is cancelled.
    • If not, I will contest and reverse the charges on my card
    • I will take you to small claims court (I am a german resident and a german business) for both the cost of the subscription as well as the cost of my time.

    How about that for dealing with your predatory business tactics?

  • JoshP
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    Hello @Mdekkers

    I apologize; we are unable to assist in licensing or invoicing issues, including cancellation, on the community.

    If you like, we can create a ticket for you so you can request cancellation.

    If you wish to have us create the ticket, please Private Message the email address you would like the ticket to go to.

    Thanks in advance!

    Josh P.

    Senior Community Moderator