remote control window not opening

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I'm running TeamViewer 15.27.3 on Mint Linux 20 and it has always worked just fine when trying to control remote Linux or Windows machines. A few days ago we upgraded our licence to be able to control Android devices, which again works fine, but only if I use Windows. When I try to open RC to Android devices from my Linux computer, the RC window just doesn't open. No warnings, no errors, nothing on the console if I launch TV from it.

I double click on the device in my contacts list (just like I do on Windows), the green dot at the bottom changes to yellow and gives me the usual 2-3 authentication messages, then it goes back to green saying that the authentication was successful and nothing else happens. After a few seconds it goes back to the usual "ready to connect" message.

I've also tried looking at the several files I can find in /opt/teamviewer/logfiles but couldn't find anything useful.

Any idea how I could solve this issue?

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  • wombatch
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    I also have this problem with teamviewer 15.8.3

    Control of an android phone works fine from windows or another android but from Linux nothing

    System is Kubuntu 22.04 kernel 5.15.0-60

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    In fact, i realised that it is impossible to connect to any device from the linux client/gui, more annoyingly the only log file that gets updated is the TVNetwork.log which of course contains entries that only Teamviewer support would understand. Are there any clues anywhere on how to read this log? (http send and receive?)