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I'm trying to connect to my TV remotely. Tv has android OS , so I installed there TeamViewer Host. The latest version of it is 15.1.16 (for some reason) (Google Play Market).So then I tried to connect from my windows laptop and error occurs that I can not connect to a device with older version of TeamViewer. Laptop app version is latest greatest (15.27.3)

Where I can find TeamViewer 15.1.16 for windows ? Or other solution to my problem ?



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    Hi @IhorD,

    Welcome to TeamViewer Community and thank you for contacting us 😊

    TeamViewer v15.1.16 is currently unavailable for download.

    We would like to suggest you to update TeamViewer version to the latest version of v15.24.34. This version is available from TeamViewer download page.

    Can you kindly kindly try the download and installation please. We would like to hear how you go with the download and connections on TeamViewer.

    Hope it would be helpful for you!



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