How to deploy TeamViewer with custom password and which is correct client version?

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We need to deploy Teamviewer to the multiple desktops and we need custom password so user does not have to tell password every time we are taking connect to his computer. We need also admin-level access to user computer (no uac prompts).

Which Teamviewer version is correct for this kind deployment (full installation, QuickSupport or host only)?

Can we prepare the client forehand or do we have to setup it on every machine separately and how is that done?



  • jbush
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    Teamviewer's Design and Deploy will let you tweak your custom host, and give you a unique token number. Install Host somewhere, and customize it with your options like disable shutdown, minimize, custom password, etc. Export those options. Then you can build a batch file with flags that imports your options during install. One-click silent install, or you could deploy via group policy if you need to go big.