Meeting Scheduled - Cannot Give Participant Control

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I have used teamviewer last year March to setup a meeting and share my screen. In that version i was able to go to the participant list and click on the three dots, which showed an option "Allow Control". The latest version i am using today on the free version of TeamViewer does not show this at all and its very critical that i find this or understand if its a feature that has recently been removed from the free version.

Can anyone help me because in short i need to be able to start my meeting, have a number of people join on the call through that meeting, share my screen and give control to a paticular participant. Maybe im missing something, but as mentioned i remember it working perfectly last year, so hopefully someone can help.

Currently at a dead end with what im facing....


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    Hi abc321,

    Sad to say, they removed this features to meeting last year.

    What are we doing is creating a another session for remote while on meeting.

    Sending both Meeting ID and Remote ID.