is it possible for different users to connect to one pc through team viewer?

is it possible for different users to connect to one pc through team viewer? But every user should have their own user interface. One should not mix it up with the different user.? Any Idea PLEASE HELP?



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    Hello @manscot2

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the TeamViewer community!

    The short answer: It depends 😅

    The long(er) answer: The biggest factor is the type of operating system. Such a connection is possible, but only on Terminal servers. TeamViewer allows users to operate a computer or device as if they were in front of it - This allows the remote user's mouse and keyboard to affect the device as if it were directly connected. (This idea is the best visual representation for our explanation!)

    Imagine a standard PC - and 4 people in front of it! Even with 4 separate mouses and keyboards (and a couple extra USB hubs...) there would be no way for the users to control the machine separately - there is only one cursor, so no matter what, all connected users will fight for control.

    This is what users would experience connecting to a standard Operating System. TeamViewer is not creating separate versions of users on the device, but simply relaying the information displayed on the screen. It would not be possible for each connection to have a separate instance of the machine.

    With servers, there are already separate instances of the OS for each user. This is why TeamViewer installations on such devices have two sets of IDs - the Server ID and the User ID(s)

    Connections to the Server ID connect the user to the standard login screen, where they can enter the credentials of the server account they wish to access.

    When users connect to their individual User ID they can connect and operate their own instance separate from other users.

    I hope this helps! If any further clarification is required please do not hesitate to ask!

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