Security settings how to make changes company-wide

Thatian Posts: 6 ✭✭

Hi TV community,

I've deployed the TeamViewer Host company-wide last month and everything is actually working pretty well, but now I've found a small change that would be really nice to have that I didn't know about until now.

The setting I wanted to set is "Windows Login - Allowed for administrators Only" from not allowed.

But I'm not sure how to update this setting, as it's sent out via a tvopt settings file at deployment. So I wanted to hear if there is a way to update it or do I need to reinstall all the host installations to get this to work? 😓 I know there is a way probably to do it with policies from deploy\modules\edit if you add computers to a group on your contact list. But since I don't do that for security reasons I don't see the policy option 😅 Hope someone can give some feedback, and if you need more information about my current setup that could help with troubleshooting, please let me know 😊