My session was hacked, I need to know what could have happened due to this

07/30/22 ,1133 (AWST) My laptop was accessed by a device that was not mine. I noticed when the cursor was behaving erratically and opening applications. I immediately powered off the laptop, and accessed my second device to view "Computers & Contacts". I saw the device there, registered in my computers, so i removed it and immediately set up password authentication.

I don't know what could have been achieved during this time, I read the log files but can't distinguish between what may have been the hack or standard teamviewer procedures. I tried to attached said log files, both for the laptop and the device used to remove the hack, however the attachment for this question does not accept the file type.

Please give me some direction or mode of response for this, I have interacted with no other systems or accounts except my own, so I don't know how this happened.


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    It sounds like somebody has accessed your PC and granted Easy Access in TeamViewer.

    Check the Remote Control tab and see if the Easy Access option is checked. BTW there is an option that will minimize the TV window that informs you that someone has connected to your PC. I forget where the setting is located but I suspect it is turned off.

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    Hi @BeeGneiss,

    Thank you for contacting us, and we are sorry to hear what happened to you.

    We take security matters very seriously - please have a look at this article about TeamViewer and Scamming and report what happened to you via this page: Resolute Misuse Prevention

    Also, I would recommend using 🛡Allowlist, it helps to filter out unnecessary and unwanted remote connections to the device.

    📖 on top of that, I also recommend checking our security handbook for getting more information about TeamViewer security features and settings.

    Hope you find this helpful.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us in the Community.

    Warm regards,


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