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not received activated key yet?

MaryAnne82 Posts: 1 Newbie
edited August 18 in General Questions

Hi I paid around 3000 pesos for the license account but it says it's under review, and i was msg to FB messenger, and they said i don't have an email or id how come u tell me like this and I have email confirmation about my order...pls check asap my order [Removed by moderator] ... i need my activation key asap

I also contacted the hotline numbers its not working...


  • JenW
    JenW Posts: 184 Moderator

    Hi @MaryAnne82,

    Welcome to our Community! 🎉

    Could you please check in your spam folder if you received any activation email from us?

    If you don't find anything, kindly send me the mail address you indicated when you ordered your license by private message for further investigation.

    To do so, click on my profile picture, then the Message button.

    Looking forward to your reply,



    French Community Moderator