Mom with hearing impaired



Need advice. My mom 80 years old, can't hear well even with hearing aid device(s). I need to communicate with her in regular basis; using ONE WAY TEXT.

The best solution in general will be having carer or nurse to stay by her side at all time but my mom have an extreme personality and i already ran out of anyone who willing to stay with her.

I wish i could remotely ...

  1. Wake up an iPad OR Android tablet at her house (without PIN or unlock the device) then remotely launch Notepad of some kind then typing in my conversation while i can hear her response over CCTV.
  2. Operation device (at my end) could be iPhone OR Android; using mobile network data plan.
  3. Target device (at my mom) could be iPad or Android tablet; using home wifi.

Does TeamViewer have such solution and any exiting feature that could help?

I don't mind to pay for a license if it's posible.

Thank you.



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    Hi @Serious_Warhead,

    Welcome to TeamViewer Community and we hope you will be worry-free after getting the response from us!

    Ideally, it is possible to run TeamViewer with Easy Access on Android devices. It is recommended to have an Android device up and running at mom's side with proper setup too, then you are able to make remote connections from iPhone, PC or an android. TeamViewer will help to present the desktop of the devices. You may consider turning on the camera manually.

    Adding to that, TeamViewer is NOT designed for monitoring purposes. For security and privacy reasons, you may look for other solutions.

    It sounds easy and possible, now let us make it happen for you! And we will have to ask for your patience in reading the information below:

    In summary, it is possible to have remote connections between devices with TeamViewer.

    Local side (iPhone, Android or PC) ---> Mom's side ( Compatible Android device with Easy access setup)

    Let me know if the information and articles above will be helpful in understanding the setup!



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  • Serious_Warhead
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    Hi Ying Q,

    Thank you so much for your fast response. Your advise is very helpful and i am trying to make understanding of related info you provide.

    First, i have no intention to use TeamViewer for monitoring. Already have CCTV which provide 2-Way voice communication. But i need something which i could type text (large font -> PowerPoint of some kind) so mom can read while she can speak to me via CCTV voice channel.

    Currently i aim to purchase "HUAWEI Matepad T10s LTE 4GB+128GB", wondering if you could help me verify is suitable for said solution.

    Aim to set this tablet without "Lock PIN", don't know if it work like that. However, my key concern is "Will remote connection will cut off after certain period of time?" And Can i re-establish remote connection from my end?

    *My mom is not capable of using any kind of tablet; she is too old even for playing the cassette tape by herself. So i have to seek solution which required "Zero action" from my mom.

    Kindly advise.

    Thank you.