Computers that are being reinstalled, are being license duplicated (or more), Managed Devices

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Hi All!

I have a challenge that I hope you can help me with.

Environment: Enterprise

Size: 600+ computers (and many Devices)

In our "Assign and Deploy" setup, we've configured it so that upon installation, the account is automatically assigned and assigned to a specific Group. We have downloaded the MSI files and made all the configuration in the script - the script we have used is the following:

CUSTOMCONFIGID=[xxxx] APITOKEN=xxx ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS=""--reassign --grant-easy-access --group-id xxxx""

The challenge we are facing now is that computers that are reinstalled come into our account with a new ID (and are thereby assigned a new license) - the old license is still there.

Do you have a solution for this or will we have to manually delete the currently assigned license before reinstalling?

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Best regards!

EDIT: Added APITOKEN to the script.


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    Hello @KT_Supportari_FO,

    Great to see you again! 🚀

    Indeed, if you reformat a computer, a new ID can sometimes be generated.

    Currently, no function updates the old ID to the new one.

    Therefore, all computers that are reformated need to be managed manually.

    I hope this could at least answer your question! 🍀


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