Provide easy access to multiple users but not other devices?

I need to maintain access to a PC on our network so I have granted easy access to myself. On my PC, I see this PC listed under Computers & Contacts. I need to allow another user to have access to this PC via TeamViewer as well but I don't want him to be able to see the other PCs in Computers & Contacts as he should not have access to all of those.

Is there any option I could do to maintain this? I think if I connect to it and bookmark (star) it, I would still be required to enter a password. Would I set a default password for it and share that with him?



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    Hi @brianstoiberlpi,

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    The best way would be to create a new group including this specific PC and then share this group with the other user.

    Indeed, sharing a group with another user would also share Easy Access you set up with your account. Whatever permission you choose, the user will be able to access the remote PC without any password.

    Moreover, as you will only share this group with this specific PC, this user will neither see nor connect to the other devices you have in your own Computers & Contacts list.

    As you mentioned, you can also set a default password on the remote PC and share it with him.

    If you have further questions or need any help regarding your use case, feel free to reach out to me anytime 😊



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