TeamViewer Remote Session Simulator

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A meta-level theme is that many useful TeamViewer features remain un-discovered and unused, especially when moving from Free to Paid licenses.

What would help here, is a "simulator mode", where one can explore the feature set as if one were logged into a remote session, without actually doing so - e.g. by logging into one's own system via some sort of loopback (or safer, virtualizing this outside TCP/IP networking altogether).

There are safety/exploitability aspects to this, as well as recursion risks - so it would be safest to allow no system changes via the session-to-self, e.g. sandboxing such changes etc. and I can see how the feature may be too much work to implement safely. Still, it would be useful as during "real" sessions, one is usually on the clock, and the client can't be expected to pay for time spent exploring the helper-side software features 😉

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