My "Wake-up" command no longer works. (Free version) Is it something I did?

I now have to physically turn on my desktop computer.



  • GarageI3
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    i would like to turn on my nuc via wol function.

    - the bions is configured well.

    - the lan card accepts wol calls.

    - teamviewer is wol-enabled and I have assigned my teamviewer account to the nuc and assigned the ids that can turn it on

    - from the web console I see my nuc with the "wake on lan" function (as shown in the image) active, but the pc does not turn on.

    Can you help me out?

    Thank you

  • rrobbins6111
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    I have been using TeamViewer to wake a remote computer successfully for several months. All of a sudden it stopped working yesterday. I have two different remote computers and it will not wake up either one of them now.

    I am able to use a separate windows program to wake up either computer over the internet so I know the computers can be powered up remotely.

    Any suggestions would be apprecieated.

  • rrobbins6111
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    I thought I was the only one. My "Wake up" command stopped working last Sunday, December 4th. I thought maybe it was something they had done like disabling it for the "Free" version, so I signed up for the single user version today and it still does not work. Let me know if you find a solution.

    PS: I have found a windows program and iPhone App that do work so I am pretty sure it is not something on my end.

  • yodee13
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    I have same problem. Any other solution (depicus, Linux wol, mikrotik wol, openwrt wol, etc...) is work, but TeamViewers wake button dont.

  • yodee13
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    Since last week the WOL function is doesn't work. The PC and the router/firewall settings are correct because if I use other method (Mikrotik,OpenWRT,Depicus,Linux) they power up my machines. Only Teamviewers wake button doesn't work. Why? I had used since several years ago without problem.

    Many thanks

  • TPNussinow
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    Same issue here . . . thought it might be due to system/windows updates, but it still does wake using a different program, so it's gotta be something with Teamviewer.

  • TPNussinow
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    same here; I called the sales department before doing an upgrade & they told me that wake does not come with the single user version, so that option is a "no go" for me . . .

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • _Purple
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    I've been trying to get wake-on-LAN set up for one of my computers using an always on pc on the same network. I've followed the setup guide, but not only does it not work still, but now when the target PC is shut down, teamviewer on other devices shows that the target PC is still on. This of course removes the "Wake" button.

    Fast startup disabled, BIOS setting set to allow WOL, both computers connected to the same network via ethernet, network adapter settings in windows set to allow this device to wake this computer, and magic packet checked.

    Attempts to connect to the target PC while it is off result in "Error, No connection to partner! WaitforConnectFailed". As per some google searches, I disabled IPV6 on target PC and nothing changed.

    I can connect to the always-on PC just fine, and when the target PC is turned on, I can connect to it as well. Just can't wake it, as the option won't show up seeing as the target PC shows online even when powered off.

  • TPNussinow
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    I had wake working well on Teamviewer for quite some time, and as of a few days ago, it no longer works. As you mentioned, I can connect while the computer is on, but it no longer wakes it up if it's off. Seems a few others have had the same issue recently, so thinking it must be something on the teamviewer side. I have an iPhone & started using Wolow, that wakes up my computer both on a local network, as well as thru DDNS, you might want to give that a try. Another app that only works locally for me is Wake Me Up.

  • basto
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    WOL has recently stopped functioning for me too a few days ago.

    It's a bug in TeamViewer, because I can still wake the PC remotely from https://www.depicus.com/wake-on-lan/woli

    My PC has several network adapters, so maybe the bug is that the TeamViewer Windows client does not use the correct MAC address (the one for the physical Ethernet adapter).

    @TeamViewer: I can share logs if you need them.

  • Winston87
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    Hello. Hoping someone can help me here. I'm a bit lost. I managed to set up a forwarding port and a static i.p address to set up wake on lan. When I enter my valid router I.P and port like recommended in every tutorial or steps I see all I get is "entered data is invalid" can't figure out why.

  • srm39
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    I have WOL enabled for 2 machines in my local network. This has been working without problem for months, but in the last 1-2 weeks I can no longer wake the other machine.

    Nothing has changed in either PC and the WOL is configured correctly as it has been working without any problems.

    Anyone else having the same issue?

  • JoshP
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    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for this feedback.

    We are more than happy to take a closer look and investigate this issue. Could you all please let me know if Wake-on-LAN is configured using the public address on the affected devices?

    Thanks in advance!

    Josh P.

    Senior Community Moderator


  • TPNussinow
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    Josh, mine is indeed configured using the public address.

  • Drewslair
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    For the public address to work for mine I just enter my router's ip address in that field, Of course when the router's IP changes, It messes it up, But that's the only way I've gotten it to work so far..Perhaps enter my own IP Address?

  • Drewslair
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    For anyone wondering to my previous comment, I tried my own ip, it didnt' work, For the public address enter your router's ip address and i hope this helps someone

  • Shabez
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    I have used TeamViewer Wake-On-LAN feature (via public address, outside of local network) for a couple of years with no issues. However, recently I noticed that the feature has stopped working and I'm not able to wake my desktop PC anymore using my other TeamViewer devices (iPhone, MacBook) anymore.

    When I try to click he power-button icon on the TeamViewer computers list, nothing happens anymore. I have made no changes to my system or settings, and I double checked everything (PC hardware settings, Dynamic DNS settings, Router Port Forwarding, PC Power/Network adapter settings, TeamViewer Wake-On-LAN settings) using TeamViewer's own Wake-On-LAN manual. Everything was in order and like I mentioned - it has worked with no issues before.

    All devices are running the latest version of TeamViewer and the actual remote control works fine.

    Any ideas what has happened and how could I get WOL working again?

    Thank you already in advance!

  • martinwinter
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    Like many others mentioned, I also can no longer access TeamViewer using WoL as the precursor to login to a remote device.

    TV WoL has worked seamlessly for many years and early in December just stopped! Despite checking and rechecking my settings, nothing changes. I can use TV to access remote device provided remote device is running! I can wake the remote device using other methods via mobile devices (magic packets) - all as mentioned by others.

    It seems to be a TV issue, but any advice would be appreciated.


  • ACE_hun
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    Yes, it is not working for me either.

    I configured no-ip, set WOL, open port in router.

    It used to work perfectly, but not 1-2 weeks ago.

  • Felimath
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    I have a DynDNS (provided by NoIP) set up on my router for various reasons, one of which is teamviewer's remote WoL feature.

    However, recently (I'd say less than a month ago, after working flawlessly for over 2 years), that stopped working, and exclusively works if, as the WoL public address on my machine, I set the public IP (as in, actual numerical IP) of the router, which is not static so not a real solution.

    The first thing that might come to mind is "Well, the DNS is clearly not working", but the DNS resolves correctly and works as intended in every other case, and I use it multiple times a day without issues, except for this specific situation.

    Any insight on what the problem might be?

  • Felimath
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    I am having an issue (just made a post about it) similar to @ACE_hun's, and from my testing it looks like teamviewer is not properly handling DNS addresses when they are used as the WoL public address, don't know if it's exclusive to no-ip hosted ones or every DNS.

  • Mhaxx
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    I always used "myname.no-ip.info" in Option\General\Wake-On-LAN\Public Address. This worked. But now it doesn't work anymore!

    Only if I replace "myname.no-ip.info" with my real IP "[Removed per Community Guidelines]" I works: I can turn my computer on.

    Any idea?

    If I ping myname.no-ip.info I resolve it with the IP address, so there's no issue in no-ip.com service. Does TeamViewer introduce any bug in this option?

  • hck
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    same here

  • Infra18
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    Same here

  • Shabez
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    I posted my problem description above, just wanted to add after seeing this that also I have been using NoIP provided DynDNS. So maybe something broke in the way Teamviewer handles DynDNS (NoIP specific or not?).

    A fix or a functioning workaround would be greatly appreciated!

  • 21dayjac
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    Just as the title says, I have confirmed that Wake on LAN is working using WakeMeOnLan, but the button to wake the device on TeamViewer does not appear. Is there a way to manually make this button appear, or another way to fix this? I'd rather not have to use 2 different programs each time, when i know WoL has worked for me before

  • yodee13
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    Same here... Any other applications, web pages wake my PC but the TW wake button doesn't... interesting, but if i use my mikrotik's ddns address it works... only if use dyndns then not.

  • yodee13
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    Interesting, but if i use my mikrotik's ddns address it works... only if use dyndns then not.

  • PlannerOne
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    I also have the same issue as multiple posts above. Everything was working fine, and WOL stopped working. I use No-IP DDNS. If it helps diagnose the issue, if I put my current IP address in TV settings, WOL works. If I put my DDNS address in TV settings, WOL does not work.

  • Mhaxx
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    Any news?