USB bridging and remote support

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Hi There,

I would like to make a teamviewer connection with a PC (windows 7) that has no internet connection. I'm thinking of the following solution, but I cannot find it at the forum or the manual if this might be possible.

I am working with 3 devices: PC1 (no internet), PC2 (right next to PC1) and PC3 (my laptop at a remote location). PC1: windows 7, PC2 and PC3 windows 10 home edition. PC2 and PC3 are on the internet.

Now I am going to connect PC1 with PC2 via a USB cable. (Should this be a special USB bridge cable?). Start Teamviewer on PC2 and make a remote connection with PC3.

My questions: Can I see the desktop on PC1? Can it be simplified by installing Teamviewer on PC1 and connect directly PC3 (through PC2) with PC1? Do I need this special USB bridge cable?

Hope anyone can help me with this, thank you in advance