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Did someone connect to my computer?

Hello everyone,

After being away from my running computer for 2 hours, I came back to the default TV window in the foreground centered (I had it off center in the background open before). This made me a bit paranoid, as it has never happened before. I checked the Connections_incoming.log and there's nothing there, but I think the 'hacker' could have easily removed the entry there.

I tried to decipher the log file for the past hour, but can't find any documentation on it. I was wondering if anyone experienced could have a look at the logs from 2017/08/15 specifically after 19:00 and tell me if there were any remote controls initiated

Thank you!


Best Answer


  • Actually TeamViewer is not spy Software. Its a legal Remote Desktop software but some Time its maybe hurtful for your pc/laptop/phone/tablet or any other device Just Because of the user permission.

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