Screen grab at higher remote resolution

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When the remote side has a higher resolution, the screen contents can be too small to read.

One fix would be a mode where the local window moves over an expanded natural-resolution remote desktop larger than the local screen area.

Another workaround is to capture the screen to examine later, allowing best use of the remote side's larger screen area. The trouble is, when I use Screen capture, Save, the result is the same fuzzy low-res screen shot I see locally, and not the higher-resolution screen shot I'd hoped to pick up from the remote side.

There was a recent Survey on the topic of multiple monitors and different resolutions, and I'd love to add these ideas to a thread linked to that?

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  • JeremyZaretski_Vrstl

    This is a good idea. Copying the local screen causes a loss of information when the local resolution is lower than the remote resolution.