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Merging a Teamviewer 12 Corporate Account into a Teamviewer 15 Corporate Account

Paken86 Posts: 3 ✭✭


Hoping you can help.

We currently have a Teamviewer 12 account. We have purchased Teamviewer 15 separately rather than updating the current version 12. Is it possible to merge the 12 and all its contacts/ Devices into our 15 Account. That we we can continue to use 15 but also allow us to dial from 15 into 12 using just one platform.

Any help on this would be great


  • JenW
    JenW Posts: 383 Moderator

    Hi @Paken86

    Happy to see you again in our Community! 

    With TeamViewer, you have the possibility to share your Computers & Contacts list between accounts. That means that all your list from the TeamViewer 12 account can be shared with the TeamViewer 15 account. 

    Please read through our article and watch our videos to know more about it: 📄 Share groups

    💡 Keep in mind that you can connect from version 15 to version 12 but the reverse is not possible. Also, you cannot have TeamViewer 12 and TeamViewer 15 installed on the same device. If this negatively impacts your TeamViewer usage, you may consider consolidating both licenses at some point. Our Sales Team would be happy to help you with this.

    If you need assistance or have further questions, just let us know in this thread! 🙂



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