Samsung Device disconnects when switching apps

RKN_ABC Posts: 1
edited February 2023 in Mobile

I am trying to connect to a Samsung Mobile Phone, using Teamviewer Quicksupport.

The connection is made, and the screen is shared. Now I see the teamviewer app opened on the remote device. So that works

But as soon as I (or the remote party for that matter) presses the home button

The home screen does appear on my screen , but also shows a message that the remote connection is ended. (On the remote device, so I see my own disconnection message).

After a few seconds the "remote control" screen completely disappears. (It hangs as soon as the home screen is shown, but remains visible for a few seconds)

The Chat remains functional and connected. (The remote device still shows my session as being connected, which it is, just no screen casting.

What am I doing wrong here?