Samsung S23 ultra teamviewer mouse off screen!

vyserage Posts: 1 Newbie
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Im using the new S23 ultra phone from samsung. When using teamviewer, the PC im connected to via teamviewer never loads on the screen fully, that is to say it stops right before the camera and doesnt extend any further towards the edge of phone screen.

The mouse however does keep going all the way. This causes the auto scrolling to break unless you stop just before the camera and even then it only slightly works for a second, causing the user to have to constantly whip the mouse back and forther to get it to scroll over.

As an example, if im looking at my PC im connected to via teamviewer and i zoom in so i can actually see things, i then drag my mouse to the left side (towards power plug-in port) and it'll 'scroll' all the way to the left until i move mouse away from that edge. Now if i want to scroll to the right and i drag my mouse off to the right, teamviewer's view stops just before the camera and yet the mouse keeps going all the way like normal. Because teamviewers stopped expanding its screen all the way correctly it ends up with a very flawed and difficult to use auto 'scroll'.

Not sure what i can do :(

Edit: Solution = Settings/Display/Camera Cutout. Turn it from Auto to 'Show camera cutout' for team viewer